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SMEG Rangehood and Oven Hinges Parts

If you own a SMEG oven, then you know how it feels after a few years when all the grit and debris have made it impossible to open and close the door easily. Luckily, rangehood and oven parts for SMEG ovens are available all throughout for this very purpose. Even if your oven door isn’t squeaky yet, it may be best to grab an extra part for when the family decides to have an impromptu get together for some roast.

Why You Need An Oven Hinge Part

Aside from the reasons above, keeping an oven hinge on hand is ideal for any home with a SMEG cooker. Although SMEG is a reliable rangehood manufacturer, there is no telling what act of nature will call for a replacement part. Some doors may end up coming loose or end up being too tight. It all depends on the adjustments made.

Oven Hinge Parts

The type of oven hinge part depends on the SMEG rangehood oven you have. There are several variants namely the SA280X, SA280X/1 or SA280X-5. Each hinge part is specific to the size of the oven door and the type of SMEG rangehood you have. Ensure that you know what model oven you have so you can acquire the right type of rangehood and oven hinges.

How To Replace

First, check whether or not the SMEG oven is built-in or external. To give you an example, if a SMEG oven uses a double hinge mechanism, you will find a catch that you push up on both sides to connect the two levers together. This will allow you to pull the door from the oven. Place the door on a flat surface, remove all the screws and separate the oven door to get access to the hinges. Reposition the new hinges the same way, place the oven door back into its case and screw it back together. Push the two levers of the new hinge together, replace it once more in the oven and you are done.

SMEG Ovens

SMEG ovens are known for their aesthetics and functionality. They are Italian-made, which says a lot for their artisanship. However, even if your SMEG oven lasts a lifetime, its hinges won’t. That is why it is important to know which SMEG rangehood and oven parts you need.

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