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Snark Tuners

All musical instruments need to be tuned frequently to maintain the accuracy of their notes. Some instruments may need tuning less frequently than others. Instruments like guitars and basses need more frequent tuning. For a casual hobbyist, they may need to tune their guitars every time they use it. For professional musicians, the guitars and basses have to be tuned every day. Therefore, guitar and bass tuners are very important pieces of equipment for a guitarist. Snark recognises the importance of the equipment and produces quality tuners for guitars, basses and other instruments.

Snark tuner Design

The classic Snark tuner is a clip-on tuner with a circular face and one button under the screen, which functions as the power button. The tuner is made of sturdy, good quality plastic for long lasting use. The screen is attached to the clip with a ball joint and can rotate 360 degrees. Its display is full-coloured, making it easy to use a Snark tuner.

How to Use a Snark Tuner

Snark clip-on tuners are easy and straightforward to use. Each tuner is powered by one three volt battery at the back side of the tuner’s screen. Once you have a battery installed, simply press the power button to turn on the device. You can adjust the pitch calibration to your liking using the buttons on the back of the device. Once that is set up, the Snark tuner is ready to go. Simply play the string of your choice and the tuner will detect and show the note you are playing and whether you are flat or sharp.

Other Snark Products

Besides their clip-on tuners, Snark also produces a few difference ranges of product. They have a console tuner that comes in the form of a compact rectangular device. It cannot be attached to an instrument and needs to be placed elsewhere and rely on its microphone to detect sound. Snark also offers range of pedal tuners, a popular choice for performing musicians and electric guitarists. Snark’s metronome is claimed to be the world’s first touch screen metronome with 15 different rhythms and an extra loud speaker.

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