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One of the oldest drum production companies still existing, SONOR established itself in 1875 and officially registered in 1907. While the company started off with making drums, they now make a variety of percussion instruments ranging from drums to cymbals to xylophones. The star of the brand, however, still remains their drums.

Drum Sets & Kits

SONOR offers various models of drum sets and kits, all group together in different series. These include the ProLite series, the Vintage series, the Special Edition series, the Essential Force series, the Select Force series, the Smart Force Xtend series, the AQ2 series, and so on. Each series has its own distinctive features that set it apart from the rest, helping cater to the needs and wants of different drummers.

Snare Drums

Snare drums add on to the artistic effects of a drum kit, giving off a distinctive sound that elevates the rhythm. SONOR snare drums also come in a few different series, including the Artist series, Signature series, Phonic Reissue series as well as the One of a Kind LE series. The different models within the series offer different types of sounds, be it crisp and full bodied or punchy and intimidating, among others. They also occasionally have limited edition releases, such as the Steve Smith 40th Anniversary snare drum.

Other Percussive Instruments

Besides drums, SONOR also produces other percussive instruments. Cymbals are one of those instruments, which is quite natural as people usually play them with the drums. The cymbals offered are generally hi-hats, crashes, and rides. They also produce drumline instruments, as well as more traditional percussion instruments like cajones, congas, bongos, and djembes. To top it all off, the brand also offers xylophone, metallophones, and concert mallets, to give even more variety to their percussion range. If it's a percussion band that you want to put together, there's one brand you can look at first: SONOR.

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