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SPY Men's Sunglasses

Getting caught out in the sun without protection can be very frustrating, as it's difficult to see what you are doing and it can even cause long-term damage to your eyes. When choosing a pair of sunglasses, it's often difficult to know where to start, particularly when looking for men’s sunglasses, since you are frequently forced to choose between style and safety. SPY was founded by a combination of athletes and artists and established in 1994, and its unique glasses range was inspired by an active and outdoor lifestyle. This means that the company offers a wide variety of sunglasses, including everyday sunglasses and those made specifically for extreme sports that provide an effective balance between style and protection.


SPY sunglasses come in six different shapes to suit any face style. These include men's rectangular sunglasses, wrap styles and even aviators. A variety of frame colours provides a good level of selection for all tastes, with white, black, blue, brown, gold, grey, green, silver and yellow options available. When it comes to lenses, you can also choose among the company's unique Happy Lenses, polarised lenses and different colours of lenses.

Happy Lenses

Many choices in the SPY sunglasses range are also available with Happy Lenses. This is a lens made specifically to enhance the colours and contrasts around you in a way that harnesses the benefits of long-wave blue light and protects you from short-wave blue light that can be harmful. Harnessing long-wave blue light helps to improve your view of the colours, contrast and clarity of what you see around you, not to mention that this type of light can also improve your mood by stimulating the brain to produce serotonin, which is a chemical that boosts mood and alertness and promotes a healthy heart and sleep patterns. These lenses are available in many of SPY's sunglasses, such as SPY retro sunglasses.


Not only do all ranges of SPY sunglasses offer 100 per cent protection from UV A, B and C rays, but they also provide protection in other ways. SPY has a certified line of lenses designed to resist heavy and high impacts, which is perfect for those who work with heavy or fast-moving machinery or for anyone who is seeking an added level of protection. These glasses are durable enough that even when they're hit with something, their lenses stay in place and don’t shatter, while the frames remain in one piece. They have even been shown to withstand a half a centimetre ball flying at them at more than 150 kilometres per hour.

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