If you're a bit of a whizz in the kitchen then you'll love the range of Saladmaster cookware and kitchen tools on eBay

From humble beginnings in 1946 with the introduction of one of the world's first food processors, which their inventor Harry Lemmons sold door to door, Saladmaster has since grown to a global brand that is synonymous with craftsmanship and quality.

Saladmaster were the first company ever to line their pans with surgical stainless steel. This allowed for better heat distribution, which resulted in quicker, better-cooked meals. They also pioneered the removable handle for easy stacking and storing, pressure valve and a host of other inventions which are all considered standard today.

All Saladmaster cookware is constructed of 316Ti stainless steel. This is a premium material that is non-reactive to the acids and enzymes in your food. This ensures the purity and flavour of all your ingredients allowing you to cook tastier, healthier, more nutritious, flavorful food, every time.

And while you still need to come up with the recipe and cooking skills, you'll cook easier knowing that your Saladmaster cookware won't let you down.

The other advantage of the Saladmaster stainless steel range is you'll never have flaking coatings ending up in your food. Stainless steel is durable and very tough. It does not chip, rust and is very hard to stain. Cleaning is also a breeze as your Saladmaster cookware is dishwasher safe.

From saucepans to 18-piece cookware sets to electric skillets, eBay has a massive range of quality Saladmaster products.

Take your cooking to another level with Saladmaster pans and cookware, you'll wonder how you ever cooked without them.