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Salt Chlorinator for Pools

Salt Chlorinator Pool Chemicals and Clarifiers

For pool owners, one of the biggest priorities when it comes to pool maintenance is ensuring that the pool water is safe to swim in. Pool chemicals and testing supplies are an essential tool in making sure your family is safe while they splash about. For saltwater pools, salt chlorinator pool chemicals and clarifiers are vital to the process of sanitising your pool water.

Sanitising Pool Water

The general health concern with pool water is that things like bacteria and algae can grow in water if untreated. Left unattended, these things can make those swimming in it very ill. Chlorine kills these microorganisms in your pool water, rendering it safe to swim in. This is essentially the purpose behind most pool chemicals like pool algaecides, in that they kill undesirable things in the water.

Saltwater Chlorinators

While managing the chlorine levels in your pool water can be a hassle, a salt chlorinator allows you to automate the process. Salt chlorinators are actually able to produce chlorine from the salt in the water using their electrode. By automating the process, chlorine levels are able to be better maintained and regulated which means less chance of overdoing it and causing reactions to excess chlorine like red eyes.

Easy to Use Chlorinators

The last thing you need with a pool accessory is for it to be overly complicated but thankfully salt chlorinators are quite straightforward. With user friendly controls, straightforward settings and a boost function, this kind of pool clarifier is meant to do the heavy lifting so that you don’t need to worry about it.

Low Maintenance Pool Cleaner

When automating a process like pool chlorination, you hardly want to lose the time you’ve saved simply cleaning or maintaining the very same device. Thankfully, pool chlorinators are generally self-cleaning and come with protective meshing to keep out bugs and the like. Replacement cells for the chlorinator are also easy to come by, when the need arises down the track.

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