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Saltwater Fishing Rods

Saltwater Fishing Rods

Unlike freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing typically involves fishing for heavier and more combative fish. They account for currents, deeper depths, and other factors that freshwater rods are not designed to accommodate.

Saltwater Fishing Rod Action Types

The action of a saltwater fishing rod is the place along the rod where its flexibility terminates into stiffness so that it can be more easily handled by its user. Saltwater fishing rods can be separated into three broad categories based on the placement of the action. Fast-action rods have the action placed closest to the tip, which results in faster and more accurate casting, generally for use with surface-level fishing and skimming. Medium-action rods have the action placed between the tip and the centre of the pole, and are best used for distance casts. The third type may be called parabolic, slow-action, or flex-in interchangeably, but has the action roughly midway down the pole. This combines the ability of a long cast with shock-absorption for swift tugs and pulls from jigging or combative fish.

Saltwater Fishing Rod Materials

Saltwater fishing rod manufacturers select from a wide variety of materials to make their rods, and optimise a number of factors: length, stability, weight, flexibility, sensitivity, and cost. Fibreglass rods are known to be less sensitive and heavier than other options. Graphite rods correct many of those issues and are both sensitive and light, but can be prone to breaking under stress or after rough treatment. Composite rods combine both materials to achieve the benefits of both and the weaknesses of neither.

Common Saltwater Game Fish for Saltwater Fishing Rods

Saltwater game fish can be surface predators, angled at mid-level depths, or trawled at the lowest depths. Predatory fish, like Spanish mackerel, amberjack, and young tuna, are often caught near the surface with specialty surface-skimming lures. Angling deeper can net sea bass, red drum, barracuda, or even mature tuna using tuna fishing rods. Deeper waters and trawling can yield skates and rays, or use carp fishing rods to catch massive carp species.

Saltwater Fishing Rod Brands

Saltwater fishing rod brands include popular staples like Abu Garcia, Shakespeare, Major Craft, and Shimano. Other sporting good brands also produce saltwater fishing rods, such as Browning, Wilson, and Pflüger.

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