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Got one to sell?

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Samsung 32GB Phone

Samsung is a popular brand that manufactures phones, tablets, smartwatches, and a large selection of Android phones. When choosing mobile phones, knowing how much storage you need is important. The larger the memory the more pictures, apps, and games you can have at your fingertips. Whether you choose a new Galaxy S8 or prefer the Galaxy Edge, just remember that any Samsung 32 GB phone offers a middle-of-the-road storage option.

Factory Unlocked

Factory-unlocked Samsung 32 GB mobile phones offer more flexibility than network locked devices. An unlocked Samsung phone is not tied to a specific carrier, nor does it have a contract. It is not preloaded with carrier-specific applications, which lets you choose how you use the phone's memory. Many people who travel internationally prefer a network-unlocked Samsung 32 GB mobile phone since they can purchase a SIM card in the country they're visiting and pay the same price for service as the locals.

3G or 4G

There are many Samsung phone features that make the device more than just another pretty face in the mobile phone world. One important feature is whether the device is 3G or 4G. The numbers refer to the generations of broadband Internet. In most instances, a 4G connection is faster than a 3G connection, especially if they are on the same carrier network. The main difference, which is a big one, is that a 3G phone is not capable of communication through a 4G network. However, a 4G mobile phone can communicate through a 2G or 3G network.


Samsung phones offer a variety of features that make them competitive with other brands. Fingerprint sensors help to offer personalised protection on the device for quick access without having to remember any type of code. If you ever have problems with the device recognising your thumbprint, it's normally caused by some type of residue on your thumb or the device that can be quickly and easily wiped off.


Samsung makes it easy to personalise your phone with a wide variety of accessories from which to choose, whether you are looking for a stylish hardshell or softshell case or a nice skin to highlight the specific colour of phone you have chosen. Samsung offers a variety of headphones including wireless options, as well as docking stations and fast-charge battery packs.

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