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Samsung MicroSDXC 64 GB Class 10 Mobile Phone Memory Cards

For the segment of phones that take them, mobile phone memory cards are a staple. They allow owners to free up space on their phones by moving photos, videos, music and movies to the SD card. Samsung MicroSDXC 64 GB memory cards are a solid choice for most phones.


Once considered over the top in terms of size, 64 GB microSD cards are now mid-range cards for mobile phones. A capacity of 64 GB of memory is equivalent to 15,258 photographs from a 12-megapixel mobile phone camera or 12,800 to 16,000 MP3 songs. Of course, a 64 GB card holds considerably fewer movie downloads—only 12 1080dpi movies at a time. If this sounds like it may not be big enough, you can look at the Samsung 128 GB microSDXC memory card.


MicroSD cards come labelled by class: 2, 4, 6, 10, U1 and U3. You will often see Samsung cards labelled both class 10 and U1 or U3. This means the card is compatible with both standard and ultra-high-speed (UHS) interfaces. U3 is currently the highest speed at which a microSD card can operate.

EVO and PRO Designations

Samsung has two different types of SD cards. While both carry the Samsung 4-proof protection, they do have other differences. The designation of 4-proof means the cards can last up to 72 hours in saltwater, extreme temperatures, airport X-ray machines and magnetic fields as strong as MRI machines. The cards designated PRO, PRO Plus and PRO Select are faster than the EVO cards. As such, they are more suited to recording 4K UHD (ultra-high-definition) video.

Ensuring Compatibility

If you have an older mobile phone, you may want to check which microSD card size it will take. As recently as 2015, many phones only supported SDHC format, which goes up to 32 GB. If you intend to use the card to move files to your computer, you should also verify the card can be read there as well. OS X has only supported SDXC cards since Snow Leopard.

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