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Got one to sell?

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  All the Fun of a Phablet   

Releasing the first Galaxy Note back in 2011, Samsung wowed the market with this whole new thing. The phablet. Sitting somewhere between the phone and the tablet, this supersized smartphone series was crowned the phablet. While the name may be a bit rubbish, the concept certainly wasn’t. With its bigger size, the phablet could pack so much more in compared to its little smartphone brother. Better batteries, better performance, better cameras, better displays. It all worked together to make a phone that was, well, better. For phablet lovers, at least. There are still plenty of users today who think the phablet is just too big and unwieldy.   So, Samsung knows how to do phablets, oh-so well. After the Galaxy Note, the company followed it up with the Note 2, then the Note 3 and the Note 4. Each model improved on the last to become even better and more intuitive. In 2015, the Galaxy Note 5 arrived. With its sleek glass and metal design and high-end hardware, this was a phablet all phablet lovers would love. It packed a gorgeous 5.7-inch display with 2,560x1,440 pixels (518 pixels per inch), as well as a redesigned S Pen stylus with new note-taking functionality. Its 16 megapixel camera captured beautiful shots, and its user interface and processor were snappy and intuitive. Just as well the Note 5 is so good really, given that Samsung stopped production and suspended sales of its follow-up, the Galaxy Note 7, after overheating, and ahem, explosion issues.   

Buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 5  

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is pretty hard to beat. This is a phablet that’s as close to perfection as any phablet can get. Interested in buying the Galaxy Note 5? Take a look at eBay’s extensive range of phones and accessories to find everything from mobile phone accessories to the latest mobile phones. Time for some phablet fun?   

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