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Got one to sell?

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Samsung’s Superphone

Released back in 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was pretty tremendous. While it really only improved slightly on the S4, this was a phone that got pretty much everything right. By refining the already awesome Galaxy S4, the S5 worked to create something that learned from its predecessor’s mistakes, skipping flashy innovation to provide a model that every Android lover would have trouble saying no to. So, what was so special about the Galaxy S5? First off, design. It’s safe to say the Galaxy S5 does not have the glamour and sophistication of the iPhone. But, the S5 has a very neat design that doesn’t feel cheap.

Aside from design, everything else on the S5 gets a big fat tick. Its OS is fabulous to use, making for easy customisation while being completely intuitive to use. With its blistering quad-core processor, the S5 is also pretty zippy, while its 16 megapixel camera produces beautiful photographs time and again. And its display? Oh-so pretty! Its 5.1-inch 1080p HD AMOLED display produces vibrant colours with excellent contrast, making it a joy to watch video or play games on. Like later model iPhones, the Galaxy S5 also features a fingerprint scanner, which is very easy to get used to, even for users who don’t really buy into that sort of thing. Anything else? But of course, the S5 is a heart rate monitor as well.

Buying the Samsung Galaxy S5

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