Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

A well-known electronics producer, Samsung competes on the world stage. Its flagship line revolutionised mobile phone design in the Galaxy Edge line-up. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge launched in 2015 with a curved edge design and improved features for better battery life. In fact, you can charge it substantially in as little as 10 minutes using a wireless charge pad.

Mobile Phone Accessories

You don't have to be geeky and techy to enjoy mobile phone accessories. Whip out a mobile phone stylus to text friends and family, play puzzle games, and navigate through your phone's menu in lightning speed. Cases and covers reflect your personal style while protecting your valuable device from inevitable scrapes, or worse yet, a fall from a window ledge. Keep up to date with favourite show hosts or rock out the tunes with headsets compatible with your Samsung.


To keep your information and secrets private, a phone with fingerprint sensor technology identifies you as the owner. Bring out the popcorn. Download movies and other content using the streaming video feature without leaving your home, unless you want to meet a friend at a coffee shop. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections enhance convenient communicating between mobile devices and surfing the World Wide Web. With the S6 Edge, you can set up contacts by colour. When the phone rings, the screen displays text in the contact's personalised colour for ease of identification. Businesses appreciate the credit card reader feature, compatible with Samsung Pay, to receive payments.

Storage Capacities

The amount of memory storage necessary is unique to your needs. The storage capacity of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 64 GB mobile phones may be sufficient for most users, especially those who do not do much with their phones besides text, call, email, and use some apps. For power users who love apps, taking photos and videos, and heavily rely on their smartphone, 128 GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge mobile phones are a better option.

Processor and RAM

To drive the powerful features, the phone has a 1.5 GHz, 64-bit octa-core processor. Along with 3 GB of random access memory or RAM, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has no trouble with multitasking, especially when using the multi-window technology to display two apps at once.

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