Sand Pit Toys

Sand play can help children develop both their fine and gross motor skills, as well as giving them a chance for plenty of fun outdoor play and team cooperation.There are many different types of sand pit toys, and they can be used in a sand pit at home or taken to the beach. Such toys fuel their imagination and contribute to their development.

Toys for Digging

The most logical use for toys in a sand pit is for digging and building, and there are a great many available.Traditional toys like bucket and spade sets are cheap and very widely available. Often, they come with other tools such as rakes, sieves and trowels. These eternally popular toys are easily cared for, and a good bucket with a handle can double as storage while not being used.

Imaginative Toys

Sometimes the best toys for sand play weren’t originally designed with sand in mind. With minimal imagination, small cars and trucks can turn a sand pit into a monster truck arena, or a plastic figurine can go exploring the sand mountains. Kitchen toys can be used to create pretend food for serving. Almost any robust toys can be used, bearing in mind that more precious and expensive items or those powered by batteries may not endure long in sand.

Toys for Creating

Moulds of every imaginable design, from castles and igloos to shells and animals, can make creative play much more fun. Children can work together to make sand cities, and can decorate their constructions with leaves and shells to personalise them. Controlled amounts of water in a well-drained sand pit helps the sand stick together, making it easier to shape.

Toys for Learning

Sand pits create an opportunity for caregivers to teach children about the world around them. Try using real tools and kitchen utensils, like measuring cups and spoons, funnels and sieves. Teach your kids to use observational words like full, empty, heavy and light, or pretend to follow a recipe together. Learning doesn’t have to be boring, and sand play creates real life teaching opportunities.