Dig into the sensational Sandro selection available online on eBay today

The sultry sunsets and bursting colours of the Mediterranean combined with the elegant stylings of a Parisian fashion house;sounds like quite the palette for a range of women's clothing, does it not? Those sources are just some of the inspiration behind Sandro, a clothing line that's dished out beautiful, on-trend style for years. eBay's collection of Sandro women's clothing brings the taste of some of the most beautiful parts of the world right to your wardrobe.

A breath of fresh air for feminine clothing

Evelyne Chetrite is the brains behind Sandro women's clothing, and it is her vision that helps bring each and every beautiful piece to life. Behind this vision is the intersection of male and female look and identity. The outcome? Clothes that are distinctly feminine and elegant, but not flowery or opulent.

Sandro women's tops and jumpers and cardigans display an urban chic that still stands out. The same can be said for the company's dresses and skirts, which look fantastic in a variety of settings and express a hip fashion sense that brings an urban flavour to your look.

With the fashion influence of Europe combined with the city-dwelling lifestyle, the pieces of clothing that come out of the minds at Sandro blend the many facets of the world in which you live into practical pieces fit for all sorts of occasions. Check out the digital racks at eBay today and breathe some contemporary life into your look.