sass & bide

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Sass and Bide are a fashion company with a mission. They are massively respected on the fashion scene for consistently delivering products that make users and viewers go gaga while ensuring that they stand out like a diamond among gravel.

Sass and Bide are well known for crafting sweet jumpers and cardigans that flatter the shape of wearers to an unimaginable extent. These are manufactured from the most comfortable materials and are assuredly designed to impress. They come in varied shapes to accommodate just about all body types and boast sass by the spadeful!

Sass It Up

Sass and Bide is an Australian women’s fashion label that was formed in 1985 by a couple of young ladies from Brisbane with a passion for fashion. Given their massive talents, it took no time at all for them to make an international name for themselves while reinventing the fashion scene as we know it.

So well-regarded are fashion divas from Sass and Bide, that they have been worn by some of the leading names in the fashion, acting, and music worlds. This is a solid testament to their enduring appeal for women of all ages and styles.

Jumpers & Cardigans

Sass and Bide jumpers and cardigans are oriented towards women who like treating themselves to the best in fashion and do not settle for less. These apparel are made to last and come in more styles than can be counted! So, regardless of the occasion or your mood, you are bound to find the perfect Sass and Bide jumper or cardigan to complement your outfit and make it possible for you to crush anything in your way!

Got a heady amount of sass in you and eagerly looking for adventure? Then browse the range of Sass and Bide jumpers and cardigans on eBay and kick life into high gear!