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Saw Horse Benches

Whether you work on construction sites for living as a contractor or just work on a lot of projects at home, two or more saw horse benches are an essential assist tool to have. Thesework benches are ideal because they don't require much setup, are extremely steady on flat, level ground, are able to hold a great deal of weight and don't require much maintenance.

What are some uses for saw horse benches?

The main uses that saw horse benches have is for cutting. They are extremely useful on construction site that needs to cut lumber, plumbing and PVC pipe, sheet metal and other materials to size on site. When using three or more sawhorse benches, it is possible to cut something that is very long without everything falling to the ground after the cuts are made. A lesser use of adjustable sawhorse benches is using them to stand on by extending a solid piece of material, such as large planks of wood, in places where a ladder is either not available or not useful, such as in low-ceiling rooms. They can even serve as a temporary table when paired with a flat piece of wood or metal in a pinch.

Are there different types of saw horse benches?

There are two basic types of saw horse benches: bench style and table style. The bench style of saw horse benches are basic benches that feature a long bench connected to various styles of legs. Table style saw horse benches are more versatile and compact. With saw horse benches, you almost always need at least two benches and, for much longer jobs like cutting lumber, trees or pipes, usually three or more. For small jobs, a table-style saw horse bench is ideal because the table opens into a saw horse through the use of a crank. Many of these work tables are steel but there are wooden and plastic benches as well.

What are the essential features of saw horse benches?

Some of the key features of saw horse benches include:

  • High strength-to-weight ability
  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of storage

Both folding saw horses and utility benches fold up easily and take up minimal storage space. They are moisture-, weather- and rust-resistant and clean up easily using only soap and water.

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