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Schleich Collectables

Based in Germany, the Schleich company has been making the hand painted PVC animal figures they're well known for since the early 1980s. Known for their life-like animals and high quality figures, Schleich toys are found all over the world. While many people buy Schleich figures as toys for children, there are also collectors who enjoy the lineup that is offered.

Schleich Brand Quality

The Schleich brand is known for a very high quality toys. The figures are created out of PVC and are durable. The animals in particular are hand painted as true to life as you are likely to find in a toy. The different lines of figures that have human or human-life characters are also finely crafted.

Animal Figurines From Schleich

Animal figurines are the main product line Schleich is known for. You can find them sold in many places. Schleich introduces a new figures every year though, however it is easier to find older figurines online.  Animal figures range from farm animals to wildlife and there is even a line of dinosaurs. Schleich horse collectables in particular are a very popular line for collectors.

Other Schleich Collectables

In addition to the animals, Schleich also makes other types of figures. There are the Smurfs, American Frontier, Knights and Heroes among others. The Smurfs line of Schleich toys was one of the first made by the company. There is also a Bayala line that showcases Elf types, the Sun Elves and the Shadow Elves.

Schleich Barns and Other Accessories

In addition to the figures they are known for, Schleich also produces barns, fences and other props for play. Schleich action figure accessories are less likely to be collected than the figurines, but they are available to either collections or children.