Scooter Parts

Scooter Parts

Whether you ride a Yamaha, Honda, Vespa or Givi, your scooter will need maintenance at some point, and when it is time to make repairs, having the right scooter parts on hand can be an excellent convenience. Scooters are economical and make getting around large school campuses or crowded cities easy, and if youre looking to take care of routine maintenance or to give your scooter an upgrade, there are many options that can help to get your scooter where it needs to be.

Engine Parts

Engine repair is quite common in scooters. Engine parts like oil filters, timing belts and gaskets are needed for routine maintenance, while air filters, spark plugs and caps are great to have for the fix-it-yourself scooter operator.

Wheels and Tyres

Its a smart idea to have a spare tyre or wheel for your scooter, just like you would for any other vehicle. Getting a flat tyre is just about inevitable in any scooters lifespan, and being prepared can set your mind at ease when this occurs. Remember to check your wheel size before choosing your spare tyres so you can enjoy a smooth ride with easier handling.

Scooter Batteries

Another common need amongst scooters is the battery. The battery on your scooter is what powers all your little things, such as the radio and the lights, so be sure to consider how often you ride and where you ride when choosing a battery, as battery lifespans vary according to brand and model. Additionally, you can check your scooters manual to make sure you select a battery that is compatible with your vehicle.

Brakes and Pads

You dont want to be caught without brakes, brake fluid or brake pads. If you cannot come to a stop, you cant ride, so choosing the right braking parts is essential to the overall upkeep (not to mention safety) of your scooter. Because your brakes endure so much use, you may find that you need handlebars, grips and levers most often, so having additional ones on hand is a wise choice. Additionally, consider the material you want on your brake pads, with ceramic being a popular option when it comes to pads.