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Scrap and Recovered Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is considered one of the safest investments—gold never goes out of style or drops significantly in value. There's plenty of gold in most people's homes. They just don't realise that it's there in the form of scrap. From coins to jewellery, even if the gold is mixed with other metals and jewels, it's still there and it's possible to recover it. Gold bullion can be purchased in coin format, or ingots, which are much larger and heavier. Gold bullion coins and rounds are easy to sell and trade due to their light weight.

Scrap and Recovered Ingots

Remember those shiny ingots of gold in the films? You can actually buy them. Scrap and recovery ingots are not pure gold, but rather slabs of melted gold and other metals. Pieces of scrap metal are piled together, then melted into easy-to-handle bars. You can use the ingots for jewellery making, collection or investment, and if you desire, undergo the process of refining the pure gold out of the bar.

Eco-Friendly Scrap Recovery

The mining industry is one of the most polluting on earth, and the requirement for new metals only encourages the industry to continue, often in countries with little environmental practices in place. By using scrap and recovery metal to create jewellery, you're opting for a sustainable and eco-friendly option, and reducing demand for new metals. Scrap gold recovery is infinitely sustainable, as gold can be melted and re-melted over and over.

Scrap and Recovered Silver Bullion

Gold isn't the only metal that can be recovered. Silver bullion is popular as well, and although it doesn't command as high of a price as gold, it's a very solid investment. Silver bullion can be purchased in rounds, like coins, or bars, like ingots. Rounds are smaller in weight, meaning they can be sold or dealt more easily, as opposed to ingots where you are restricted to selling the entire block in one go.

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