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Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for LG Mobile Phones

Even if you don't plan to use cases on your electronics, you should at least use mobile phone screen protectors. Nobody wants to type a text, send an email or watch the latest episode of your favourite show with a crack going down the middle of the screen. Prevention is the key to increasing the life and usage of any LG phone.

How It’s Made

Tempered glass consists of multiple layers of material, including silicone coating, shatterproof film, tempered glass and nanostructured oleophobic coating. The technique for making it involves heating it to extreme temperatures and then rapidly cooling it in a treatment process to increase the strength of the glass.


Hands down, the best feature of tempered glass screen protectors is the shatterproof property. What this means is if the display should happen to break, the protector will keep the jagged shards from flying into the air. Another well-loved feature is the feel of the glass under your finger; it has the same smooth feel of the original screen without the fingerprint residue. It possesses a hardness rating of 9H, which makes it more resistant to scratches and damage from drops.


To some people, applying tempered glass mobile phone screen protectors seems like a daunting task. The main trick is to install it without any air bubbles. To make this process easier, you should follow the directions that come with your product, and if need be, watch a few videos on tricks and tips to applying the film.


When picking out a tempered glass screen protector for your LG mobile phone, you need to look at the clarity, responsiveness, oleophobic, and ease of installation. Not all screen protectors have the same quality, which is why prices vary. Your best bet is to go with a higher quality brand to ensure the best protection for your most used device.

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