Scuba and Snorkelling Masks

There’s no better way to enjoy nature’s marine wonders than coming face-to-face with them by using scuba and snorkelling gear. For the best marine adventure experience, you can choose between two methods, each with their own pros and cons. One can be more expensive than the other, but oftentimes, there’s no other way to interact closely with nature than going down into the deep blue.


When going out on a deep sea scuba trip or a simple snorkelling session close to shore, there is some gear you should never leave home without. For instance, scuba and snorkelling fins are a must for effortlessly gliding through the water. The designs vary from simple ones to professional-grade construction for optimum thrust with each flick of your feet. Swimfins are actually designed for specific activities. For instance, since scuba diving equipment increases your weight and hydrodynamic drag, a balance between length and width is essential to achieve good propulsion, while freediving only requires good flipper length as it does not require high-frequency leg movement.

Snorkelling Masks

Snorkelling trends are swimming toward a new mask design that combines the snorkel and mask as opposed to the separate tube and mask set many are accustomed to. The full face snorkel mask is designed in a such a way that you are able to breathe with your nose and mouth, so you can focus on admiring the hidden world under the sea. It requires an airtight seal around your face, so the mask squeezes hard on your cheeks and face to achieve a good seal. The snorkel is attached to the top of the face mask and can vary in length and thickness, while some designs have an attachment point for mounting an action camera. However, a snorkel set is still a good option in its own right. They are often easy to seal around your face, while the breathing tube provides high airflow so you can swim as fast as you dare.

Other Gear

Aside from scuba and snorkelling masks, other scuba diving and snorkelling equipment/a> like depth gauges, rebreathers, wet suits, cameras, and even dive scooters can upgrade your underwater adventure. For deep sea diving, underwater scooters basically turn you into a human submarine.