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How to choose a Scubapro Scuba & Snorkelling regulator

Whether you’re a scuba diving pro or a total novice, all divers and snorkelers have one thing in common. You want diving and snorkelling gear that keeps you safe and comfortable. If you’re considering a new Scubapro scuba & snorkelling regulator, there are a few things to think about before making your final choice.

Type of diving

It’s true that all Scubapro scuba & snorkelling regulators will function to help you breathe underwater, but some regulators are better suited to certain types of diving. For example, warm-water dives through clear water may only require a regulator that’s in the middle of the price spectrum. However, if you enjoy deep diving, cave diving, or cold-water diving, you may want to invest in something that has more features, which tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum.

Balanced or unbalanced regulators

When it comes to scuba & snorkelling regulators, you’re given plenty of choice. One of these choices is between balanced or unbalanced airflow. With an unbalanced regulator, you might notice a change in airflow as your tank becomes low on oxygen, meaning you might have to work a little harder to breathe. A balanced regulator maintains the same airflow no matter how full your tank is. While balanced regulators might be more desirable, they also usually carry a higher price tag.

Your budget

Just like buying snorkels or other scuba gear, you should take your budget into account when buying Scubapro scuba & snorkelling regulators. While there’s no exact rule on how much you should spend, you might find that regulators on the lower end of the price spectrum will have to be serviced and replaced more often than those on the more expensive side. You may decide to base your budget choice off your own experience. For beginner divers that only plan to swim in tropical locations, a budget-friendly regulator might be just what you need.

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