Sculptures Direct from the Artist

Enhance your home's look with sculptures direct from the artist

You might live in an enviable location and have a home full of impressive furniture, trendy decor and the latest lighting styles available. But you could still feel like something is missing. Original artwork can bring a new dimension to your home, with eBay's selection of sculptures direct from the artist a great place to start.

If you’re relatively new to art collecting, you might think you don't have enough space to purchase an original sculpture. But that's not necessarily true. There are many ways artwork can be incorporated into the décor of your home, as artists create sculptures in many different mediums, sizes and styles. Ultimately your choice of sculpture will become an extension of your individual style, simply by looking at artistic elements like themes and whether the colour palette has darker shades or brighter and bolder ones.

What are modern sculptures?

Modern sculpture can be quite similar to other modern artistic mediums in that it is often a comment or abstraction on the use of classical ideas and themes. Contemporary artists have also explored and experimented with new kinetic materials and other mediums like plastics and metals, as well as electricity, light, and sound.

Sculpture history

Humans have been creating visual artwork out of 3-dimensional objects since at least the prehistoric period. Sculptures made using ivory or bone of humans, semi-humans, animals and deities have been found throughout history on every continent on earth. As humans continued to evolve, the carvings not only became much more finely detailed, but they were made from an expanding list of mediums like alabaster, limestone, and terracotta.

Whether you’re an experienced art collector with a showroom full of pieces, or you’ve never bought artwork, you can buy it directly from the artist themselves on eBay and add a great new piece to your space.