Keep your home safe with security bars and grills

Are you serious about protecting your home and family from unwanted intruders? There are several types of screens you can buy for the home, such as basic indoor privacy screens. We’re not talking just keeping prying eyes away, though. We’re talking about proper window and gate security to keep burglars out of your home. 

A great option is steel window bars. These items affix easily to the inside or outside of your window for added security. Burglars could toss an ashtray through the window to break the glass, but they still won’t get inside! Best of all, you can still open your window for fresh air, because the steel bars are spaced far enough apart. 

Look for easy installation

When shopping for security bars and grills, look for easy installation. Many of the steel window bars on offer have very easy installation. Simply choose the size that fits your window and affix them to the window frame. Most only require a series of screws, yet they will still be strong enough so that intruders can’t break them free.  

Something decorative

If you want your house to be secure, but you’re not keen on the idea of prison bars on your window, there are plenty of other solutions. While crossbar window security is extremely effective, it can be seen as unpleasant to look at. So, search for decorative window bars instead! There are plenty of great designs that add a touch of class to your window, while also adding extra prevention against intruders. 

Outdoor security

It’s not just your windows you want to protect, because the best way to keep burglars away is to keep them off your property altogether. eBay has a great range of security gates available, many of them retractable and expandable for easy opening (by the right people!). These gates can be locked, and if you choose products that are tall enough, it should be a terrific deterrent to people looking to break in.