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Seeds and bulbs

Seeds and bulbs bring colour and herbaceous foliage into your garden. Seeds are plant embryos that grow from inside a seed shell. Bulbs are miniature plant structures with bare roots, that expand and grow into full size plants. When planting in your garden, choose seeds and bulbs of your favourite flowers, fruits, and vegetation.

Different types of seeds and bulbsVegetable seeds

When choosing vegetables to grow in your garden its a good idea to pick your favourite veggies. Seeds are generally supplied in packs, with growing instructions clearly printed on the back. Choose from vegetable seeds and bulbs that produce a seasonal crop. Dwarf beans, sweetcorn, and garden squash are popular choices for the organic gardener.

Fruit seeds

You can select fruit seeds and bulbs by their required climate, to ensure fast growth and high production. Some fruit seeds produce edible fruit and pretty flowers. Popular seed choices include honey figs, giant strawberries, and goji berries.

Herb seeds

Herbs add flavour, fragrance and colour to your meals and backyard. Most herb seeds are relatively easy to grow. Popular choices include basil, coriander, sage, chives, and parsley. Plant the seeds in pots or window boxes, for maximum growth.

Perennial seeds

Perennial plants annually give your backyard colour. These plants typically live for more than two years. Perennial seeds are usually planted close together in order to create a colourful mixed border, and can be creatively used to brighten up areas of dominant leafy green foliage. Choose from full sun, partial shade, and full shade varieties.

Other seeds and bulbs

Other types of seeds and bulbs include Bonsai tree, cacti and succulents, and annual and bi-annual border plants.

Bulbs, roots, corms, and rhizomes

Not all plants grow from seeds. There are many varieties of flowering bulbs that produce highly perfumed and exotic flowers. The spices of ginger and tumeric are also grown from rhizomes, which grow horizontal root systems underground. Popular flowering bulbs include tulip, lilies, hydrangeas, and daffodils.