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Self-Inking Stamps

Rubber stamps are the products of necessity for the home and business which date back to the 1800’s. They made document authentication and paper-based workflows considerably easier. Stamps are still used today in offices and scrapbooking. Self-inking rubber stamps have nullified the mess produced by traditional rubber stamps and reinking. These stamps are housed in an acrylic case which contains a spring mechanism that pushes back up after stamping. The rubber stamp component flips down as you push, transferring ink to the paper, and then flips back up to rest on the internal ink pad inside the case for further use.

Custom Stamps

While mass-produced stamps are good for offices, custom stamps are the way to go for scrapbooking and business use. Laser engraving technology has made custom stamp production much easier and takes mere minutes to produce. So ordering them online is quick and easy.

Re-Inking Self-Inking Stamps

Some manufactures claim that their stamps can make up to 10,000 impressions before needing an inkpad replacement, however replacing ink is easy nonetheless. Self-inking stamps have ejector buttons located on the sides of the stamp to dislodge the ink pad and then a second button on the front of the stamp pushes the pad out of the housing. Then it is just a matter of replacing the pad with a new one. Be wary of ink pad compatibility, though, since stamp makers use particular ink formulae for their rubber stamps.

Black Self-Inking Stamps

Black self-inking stamps are best for keeping your scrapbooking materials consistent in style and theme since it is a neutral colour. Black rubber stamps are also good for maintaining a professional atmosphere in offices and businesses because no matter what design and text you go with, they are likely to look great in black ink.

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