Sena Motorcycle Accessories

Want to listen to music, make phone calls and communicate with other riders when you are out on your motorbike? Now you can. The ultra-light and slim Sena SMH10 with advanced noise control has the ability to join up with 4 other riders to play and share music, host four way phone calls or utilise the intercom system with a 900 metre radius for communication with other Bluetooth enabled devices. You can even link your Sena Bluetooth helmet kit up to your Bluetooth enabled phone or GPS for directions and hands free phone calls.

How it works

The Sena SMH10 and SMH10R attaches straight onto your motorcycle helmet, with the control pad sitting on the outside for easy adjustment, a battery pack which can be placed comfortably within the helmet and two noise control speakers cut through background noise for crystal clear incoming and outgoing communication, removing the need for ear plugs for motorcyclists. You can even customise the volume levels in each of the speakers, ensuring you are getting personalised sound quality based on your needs.

The control box placed on the outside is light and wont create an imbalance by being placed on the side of the helmet. There are two choices of microphones, a wired speaker and a boom speaker allowing riders to choose the microphone that best suits their ride style and needs.

No Fuss

Sena SMH10 series Bluetooth headset and intercom systems are designed to keep you connected to your riding companions sharing music and allowing you to make and receive phone calls hands-free while out on the open road. You can connect with all Bluetooth devices, or buy dual Sena SMH10 or Sena SMH10R headsets to share the riding experience with passengers or other riders.

While learning your way around the device voice prompts will assist you and are available in English, Spanish, Italian French and German ensuring that you will never get lost while out and about. One charge will enable your device 12 hours talk time and 10 days standby, and you can even use it while it charges.