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Serenade Leather Bags & Handbags for Women

Serenade Leather Handbags

A perfect accessory for any classy ladys outfit, leather handbags are a must-have in any womans closet. Serenade is a local, home-grown brand that takes its influence from Europe, and uses it to inspire the making of various genuine leather and faux leather handbags and womens wallets, among other products.

Standard Size Handbags

Medium-sized handbags from the Serenade range use many different designs, including textured, floral, plain, and indie patterns, among others. You can find these with single, double, or multiple compartments, and with internal and/or external zip. Some Serenade handbags even have adjustable straps for better comfort.

Totes and Large Handbags

Need more space for your things? Opt for something a little bigger than your average handbag, without losing out on the same eye-catching designs that Serenade offers. These come a variety of colours as well. Be sure to check the measurements before purchase to ensure it meets your expectations.

Minis and Clutches

Maybe space is not as much as a requirement for you, and you want something smaller and cuter to carry around. In this case, opting for a mini handbag or a clutch may be a better choice. These are especially appropriate for attending formal events, or just for use when having a night out on the town with the girls. Do note that clutches especially have very limited space, and may not be the best choice for daily use.

Faux Leather Bags

While genuine leather handbags are great to have, they can be rather pricey, and some women dont wish to own one due to ethical reasons. This is where faux leather handbags make a good alternative, and Serenade offers these as well. While the price tag is usually cheaper for the faux leather bags, the designs and quality of these bags are still top notch, so its worth your consideration.