One of the most famous types of markers ever produced, the Sharpie name is synonymous with permanent markers. To this day, Sharpie still manufacturers permanent markers in a host of different colours and sizes - but they also market quite a few other types of pens and markers as well. With Sharpie for in and out of the classroom, for crafting and for many other uses, there’s bound to be a size, type and colour of Sharpie that completely suits your needs.

Permanent Markers and Uses

When it comes to Sharpie pens and writing instruments, their biggest line is still permanent markers. Originally, colours were very simple, such as black or red, but today, you can find a Sharpie marker that’s nearly any colour of the rainbow. Additionally, there are different sizes and accessories. For instance, you can clip a Sharpie keychain onto your key ring so you always have a marker with you, or use a pop-top Sharpie so that you never have to worry about losing the cap. Use permanent markers for a host of different uses, such as marking your child’s clothing for gym class or school, marking CDs or writing on clear plastic bags.

Crafts and Scrapbooking

Sharpie also devotes a line to Sharpie scrapbooking markers and pens. These special pens come in a host of different colours, and are also typically constructed with permanent ink. However, you have your choice of pastels, felt tips and fine point pens to help you perfect your craft. Other crafting options include neon colours and craft starter kits.

Highlighter Pens

If you need to highlight pages in a textbook or on paper for school, Sharpie offers a whole series of highlighter pens to meet your needs. Not just for class, highlighter pens can be useful in different types of offices for colour coding files, or to make sure that parts of a message are clearly pointed out with bright colour. Look for traditional highlighter colours such as yellow, pink, orange and blue.

In the Classroom

Highlighters are great in the classroom or for studying, but teachers are sure to appreciate whiteboard and dry erase markers from Sharpie, Available in essentially the same colour palette as permanent markers, dry erase markers are not made with permanent ink, and ink can be wiped neatly away with a dry or slightly moist paper towel.