Shaving and Hair Removal Products

Unwanted hair on the chin, upper lip, cheeks, legs, fingers, feet, or the back does not make anyone happy. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of such hair, some more painful, some more efficient, and some more convenient. The method you choose clearly depends on your personal preferences and knowledge of the different products available, whether it is for shaving, plucking, hot waxing, depilatory creams, or some professional treatment like electrolysis or laser hair removal.


Shaving is the most easily accessible hair removal method, involving cutting the hair at its root with a blade. It works best on facial hair, arms, and legs. You need a good disposable razor or a more advanced one with replaceable blades. Too-blunt razors do not cut efficiently and irritate the skin. Some razors include a special aloe vera strip that moisturises the skin slightly when the razor is wet. Men's facial hair corresponds well to hair clippers or trimmers and electric shavers, which are a bit less labour intensive to use, as men have to trim their facial hair quite often. Women, too, can benefit from an electric shaver for easy hair removal.


Tweezing or plucking involves pulling the hair out with tweezers, and can be rather painful. It gives long-lasting results and is a good option for removing a few hairs at once. This is perfect for modeling your eyebrows or removing single hairs from the face. Avoid doing it on large areas, as it could cause scarring or ingrown hair. For larger areas, you can use an epilator that can grab even the smallest of hairs.

Hot Waxing

Professionals offer the hot waxing service in salons, but you can also do it at home. This hair removal method is preferable on the upper lip and in the bikini area. You first need to apply hot wax on the skin, taking care not to burn yourself, and then pull the strips off with the hair. This method requires some caution, as you could get an infection. Do not choose this method if you are using prescription acne creams or taking isotretinoin.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are available without prescription, and they are some of the least painful methods of hair removal. Chemicals inside these creams dissolve the hair shaft. If you leave the cream on for too long, it could burn your skin due to their harsh ingredients, so always read the package carefully for instructions. Moreover, pay attention to the cream type because they are not the same. For instance, you should not use pubic hair cream on your face.