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Shaving Soaps

Shaving Soaps

For many people, the most important aspects of shaving are the sharpness of the razor, the optimum stroke for a close shave and, smelling good by virtue of aftershave and pre-shave products. After that, the importance of shaving soap can seem to pale in comparison. As it turns out, properly lathering up with a suitable shaving soap can go a long way towards giving you a comfortable and smooth shave.

Choosing a Wet Shave

A wet shave is not the only option, but it continues to be the choice of the vast majority, widely believed to produce a closer shave and to minimise risks of skin irritation and razor burns. For those who choose a wet shave, the more traditional route is to use a shaving soap, marketed either in stick form for ease of use, or in a round tin, instead of a foam or cream.

Shaving Soap Versus Shaving Cream

With so many alternatives to speed up the shaving process, face shaving and hair removal soap can seem a more labour-intensive option. Many men remain loyal to shaving soap – whether made from vegetable ingredients or tallow-based – confident that it can give a much better result. Good shaving soap generates a slicker and fuller lather when worked up by a soft, purpose-designed shaving brush. On sensitive skins, where excessively drying compounds are best avoided, natural soaps are generally better tolerated, and there exist versions designed to be especially gentle.

Scented Shaving Soaps

The array of ingredients and the scents they emit make the purchase of shaving soap a potentially bewildering process. A good idea is to check out recommendations online. Glycerin shaving soap is an old school classic; popular, too, are soaps containing avocado oil, vitamin E and coconut oil. Brands include Sandalwood, Bay Rum and Old Bond Street. Bear in mind that if you like to apply a cooling cologne or aftershave product, you should elect to buy a lightly scented shaving soap to prevent a clash of aromas.

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