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Ensure your sheep are protected with these Sheep Drenching Tools

What is a Sheep Drench?

Drenching is to administer medicinal drugs to livestock, in this case, sheep. There are two types of drenches, narrow and broad spectrum, 'broad' having the capabilities to treat a wide range of parasites in sheep and lambs, whilst narrow spectrum specifically focuses upon a certain range of parasites. The drench contains the medicine in the cylindrical part of the tube, whilst the nozzle end is used to hand-feed the sheep the anti-parasitic medication.

What are the different types of Sheep Drench?

There are white drenches, clear drenches and mectins, rotating the drenches throughout the year will protect your livestock from different worms or parasites, a drenching kit is a great way to protect your animals.

What Drenching Materials are available on eBay?

You will find a large collection of farming and agriculture products on eBay,Whether you need irrigation equipment, livestock supplies and equipment, sprayers, motors, hanging scales, food dehydrators amongst others. The drenching equipment is as equally expansive, whether you need a sheep gun to administer the anti parasitic, the actual drenching medication or a backpack holder to keep the medication in whilst you administer it.

What should I be careful of when Drenching my sheep?

Ensure that you do not administer the drench with too much force, as this may incur damage to sheep's teeth, equalling inability for the sheep to graze. Also, make sure that the sheep takes the entire dose of the drench and doesn't spit it out, only a partial intake of the anti parasitic can mean that the parasites will build up a tolerance to the medication and are able to fight it. Ensure that you are putting the syringe to the side of the mouth and squirt it into the back of the throat to increase the likelihood of the sheep ingesting the medication.

What other Supplies and Equipment are available for my Sheep?

In addition to your drenching materials, on eBay you can find an affordable selection of livestock shearing supplies with professional electric clippers for use exclusively on sheep and goats, these grooming kits are budget savvy and efficient, giving a beautiful fresh and neatly clipped coat.

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