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Shimano Trolling Rod and Reel Combos

A rod and reel combo is a great way to get the equipment that you need to take up trolling. Shimano makes several different trolling rods and reels for different types of freshwater and saltwater trolling.


Trolling is a specialised type of fishing in which a line is dragged through the water behind a moving boat. It is most commonly used when fishing in deep water, particularly when targeting large ocean-dwelling game fish like marlin or tuna. However, trolling is also possible on lakes and rivers. The movement of the boat causes trolling lures to move through the water in a way that mimics a baitfish, luring in larger predator fish to strike.

Shimano Trolling Rods

Shimano builds a wide variety of trolling rods and trolling rod and reel combos. The designs depend on the type of trolling that you plan to do. For example, the Talora Leadcore rod and reel combination is specialised for leadcore fishing, while the Scimitar is a medium-heavy to heavy rod designed for trolling for salmon and steelhead in freshwater. The Clarus, Compre, Convergence and Scimitar rods are all made from high-modulus graphite. Graphite rods provide additional sensitivity, making it easier to feel the fish at the end of your line. Most other Shimano rods are made using their TC4 construction method, which uses a double T-Glass inner layer wrapped in a spiral of graphite to make an extremely strong rod without a large diameter, combining the strength of fibreglass with the responsiveness of graphite. Shimano’s own trolling combos are generally built around the Talora rod, which is made from TC4.

Shimano Trolling Reels

Shimano’s trolling rod and reel combos typically include their Tekota reel, which is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. This is a 3+1 bearing reel that comes in 10 different models, ranging from 368 to 880 grams in weight and rated for either 8 or 11 kilograms of drag depending on model. Its AR-B bearings feature anti-corrosion technology for a greater lifespan. It also includes a line counter, which makes it easier to let out the right length of line for effective trolling and also allows you to see how close you are to landing the fish on your hook.

Other Shimano Equipment

If trolling isn’t for you, Shimano also sells a wide range of other fishing rod and reel combos. As a major fishing equipment manufacturer, Shimano covers all kinds of fishing, including jigging and surf fishing. Shimano also sells an extensive range of fishing lures as well as accessories like rod and reel bags and maintenance tools.

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