For those times when you just need to get out the door, or frequently have to take your shoes off and put them on again during the day, shoelaces without ties are here to make your life easier. They can be used on most types of men’s and women’s shoes and come in two main varieties – the elastic shoelace and the bungee-style shoelace.

Elastic Shoelace

The elastic shoelace is designed as individual gripped laces that connect the opposite eyelets across the top of your shoes with silicone grips. They have a flat appearance making them neat and stylish and automatically adjust to fit all shoe sizes. They are made from durable elastic, with some varieties being waterproof silicone, making them built to last.

Bungee-Style Shoelace

The bungee-style shoelace is for those who lead an active lifestyle. Adjustable and easily clipped together with a secure locking mechanism, these allow you to tighten or loosen your laces quickly, such as at the gym or when out hiking. They are easy to use, with the laces being threaded through the eyelets and secured with the attached lock. They can be trimmed if the laces are too long and re-fastened to suit the user’s size and comfort.

Casual to Formal Styles

Shoelaces without ties and lock laces can be used on almost any shoe, from casual to formal styles. Slim designs are available for formal footwear, which often has smaller eyelets. This type of shoelace lends itself to a more polished and neater look, making them a great alternative to conventional shoelaces for a more formal look. Shoelaces without ties are an efficient and time-saving alternative to conventional shoelaces, having the ability to turn any shoe into a slip-on. They are ideal for those who are always on the move and lead an active lifestyle.

With a variety of styles to choose from, eBay stores have got you covered. Start saving time every time you walk out the door and find yours today.