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Organise your footwear with a shoe rack

An untidy pile of shoes not only looks a mess, but it also makes it harder to find the shoes you want when you're rushing to get ready to go out. What's more, shoes in a pile with others risk getting scuffed and marked, adding more of a delay as you have to clean and polish them before you put them on. That's why having a shoe rack makes so much sense, keeping everything in its place. 

Types of shoe racks

Shoe racks come in a wide variety of styles and designs, each with their own way of storing your shoes. You can choose simple shelves or racks where shoes sit flat, plastic shoe boxes that keep each pair separate from the rest, frames that you hook shoes onto or even shoe racks with individual pockets for each shoe. 

You can stand your shoe rack on the floor or hang it on the back of the door. There are even special shoe racks designed to hook around the hanging bar of your wardrobe, so you can store your shoes next to the outfit they go with. 

Choosing your shoe rack

Whatever your style, there is a shoe rack to match your room, with everything from matt black tubular metal to shining stainless steel. Hanging shoe racks tend to be made from strong fabrics, while floor standing shoe racks are often made from wood or durable plastic coated metal. 

You can pick your shoe rack to hold as many shoes as you need, from half a dozen pairs if you live on your own, to twenty or more spaces for the whole family to use. And if you're a bit of a collector when it comes to shoes, you can always different stypes of shoe storage to create more capacity for your collection.