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Shoei Motorcycle Helmets

Australian motorcycle laws can be frustrating to figure out, but one thing that all states have in common is that everyone must wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Wearing a Shoei helmet that meets all applicable Australian helmet laws is always a good start.

Helmet Standards

There are two main standards to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet, one Australian and one European. The Australian standard is AS/NZS 1698:2006, while the European one is UN ECE 22-05. Up until 2016, only AS/NZS 1698 certified helmets were legal for use on the road in Australia. That has since changed, and UN ECE 20-05 approved helmets are now legal for both purchase and wear throughout the country. At the same time, do be aware that not all states enforce all laws equally. Adding a camera to your Shoei helmet is fine in Queensland, but can have you fined in Victoria.

Choosing a Helmet

The most important factor in choosing a motorcycle helmet is the fit. If the helmet doesnt fit you properly it wont protect you properly: Its that simple. When you wear a helmet it should fit snugly on your head. The chin strap should hold it in place so that it does not move no matter how much you move your head. A helmet wont do you any good if it wont stay on your head when you take a tumble.

Vision and Visors

Nobody really enjoys the wind blasting in their face on a long ride, which is why most Shoei helmets work best with Shoei motorcycle visors. A visor keeps the wind out of your eye so you can see clearly while on the road. Smoked and tinted visors are popular, but may not be legal in all states.

Helmet Accessories

The most important rule for helmet accessories is that you cannot drill a hole in the shell to mount them. That aside, accessories can include anything from tinted visors to internal HUDs that let you see your speed without looking down at the instruments. You can even get intercoms for your helmet.