Popular brands for shoulder bags

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Women's Shoulder Bags

Practical, comfortable and easy to carry, women's shoulder bags utilise a longer strap designed to rest on the shoulder while the bag can rest in between the body and the arm. Women's shoulder bags can offer a long strap, so the bag rests on the hip or a shorter strap so that it tucks underneath the armpit. Ideal for both casual occasions and more formal events, women's shoulder bags offer a level of security while keeping possession in a convenient location that is easy to transport.

For bespoke bag designers to clothing stores, there are many retailers and brands that offer women's shoulder bags as part of their bag and luggage collection. Offering a range of styles, colours, sizes, materials and fastenings, there is a vast variety of choice so that you can find the perfect bag for your needs.

Kipling Shoulder Bags

A popular fashion choice, Kipling shoulder bags are distinctive with their monkey icon on the zip fastening. Typically, Kipling bags are made from a crinkled nylon to create a soft, supple bag that is easy to carry. Due to the material used and the design of the bags, Kipling shoulder bags are ideal for sporty and activewear as they are highly functional with many zipped pocket sections. Using a crinkled nylon fabric means the bags are affordable too.

Mulberry Shoulder Bags

Considered a luxury designer brand, Mulberry is known for its high-quality leather goods, specifically its bags and luggage. Mulberry is a British band that invests in British manufacturing and focuses on the British lifestyle with the luxury shoulder bags it produces. Each bag has the distinctive Mulberry tree logo and is crafted from the finest leathers.

Chanel Shoulder Bags

Chanel was one of the first designers to create the shoulder bag which was designed in 1955. Since this shoulder bag was introduced, it has been a staple in the Chanel collection. Chanel bags are often recognised by the CC logo, lock and the quilted material used.