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Shower Curtain Hooks

A guide to shower curtain rings on eBay

When you first walk into any bathroom, you likely notice the big stuff first. The bathtub, the sink, and the rug are all huge parts of bathroom decorating, but the items that go unnoticed are just as important to the overall look and feel of your bathroom. From toothbrush holders to shower curtain hooks, its the smaller bathroom accessories that truly make your bathroom functional. When choosing which shower curtain hooks to buy for your bathroom, you should first consider the three key characteristics.


The first consideration you should make when purchasing shower curtain hooks is the material. Most shower curtain hooks are made of either metal or plastic. While metal tends to look higher-quality, plastic rings tend to be more affordable.


Youll also need to decide how many shower curtain hooks youll need to hang your curtain. The quantity of hooks needed usually matches the number of hook holes in your shower curtain. If you have a heavy shower curtain, you might consider adding a few more hooks to ensure the curtain doesnt fall.


Another key characteristic to consider is the shape of the shower curtain ring. Common shapes include circle, oval, and hook. Any of these shapes will hold your curtain securely, so choosing the ring shape is all about personal preference. After you make these three considerations, youll be able to choose the right shower curtain rings for you and your home.

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