Shower Screens

If you have a shower-over-bath set up at home and are finding that a shower curtain isnt really keeping the water from spraying all over the floor, it might be time to invest in a bath screen instead.

A panel bath screen requires very little effort to install it can be affixed directly to the wall on a set of hinges and will far more effectively prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor. Bath and shower screens come in a range of different designs, from a single panel to an extended, foldable series of attached panels, so no matter what shape or size your shower and bath are, youre sure to find something to suit you. Bath and shower screens can also be found in various materials for different aesthetics, so whatever your bathroom decor is, you can try to match or complement it with some help from eBay.

Things to think about when choosing a bath screen online

As you browse the great range of bath and shower screens available for online purchase via eBay, there are a couple of key things to bear in mind. Are there any particular safety or access considerations you need to take into account? If, for example, the bathroom is going to be used by an elderly family member, its wise to look into a bath screen that provides the easiest possible access to the bath. If youre trying to decide on a design, its also worth thinking about how easily youll be able to access both sides of all the panels in order to clean them.

Find everything you need to fix up the bathroom online

Save yourself the trouble of traveling to a dozen different home fittings stores and suppliers, and view a broad range of options online with eBay. Browse a fantastic online range of high quality shower screens or full shower enclosures to find one that suits you at a great bargain price.

Fixing up the bathroom doesnt have to be a stressful task. Hop online today and tick a few things off the list!