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Shower Water Filters

Water filters aren’t only good for drinking water. Adding a water filtration system to your shower can help to promote good health.

Why Should I Use a Shower Water Filter?

A shower filter filters out chemical additives in your water such as chlorine, which can dry out your skin and hair. Depending on the type of filter, it may also remove other unwanted impurities in your water like bacteria or heavy metals. Some types of shower filter will also help to combat limescale, preventing it from clogging your shower head. Just remember to change the water filter cartridge as often as needed.

What Types of Filter Can I Choose From?

  • Carbon water filters are popular and will remove a lot of the chlorine from your water. They get less efficient at higher temperatures, so they’re best if you prefer cool showers.
  • KDF is a fine-grained filter medium made from copper and zinc. It works well with warmer water and converts chlorine into chlorides.
  • Vitamin C water purifiers remove chlorine and related chloramine compounds from your shower water so long as you keep them topped up with Vitamin C powder. They work efficiently even with hot water.
  • Most shower filters are in-line filters that sit behind the shower head, but some models are installed inside the water tank.
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