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Silicone Molds

Silicone Moulds

Silicone moulds are fun and easy to use. They come in many different designs make confectionary in any shape that you like. Since silicone moulds emerged, artisans like pastry chefs and soap makers have been making more unique and fun designs.

Silicone Mould Properties

Silicone moulds are made of silicone rubber, which is an inert and resistant to extreme environments.  Silicone rubber products can withstand temperatures from -55 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius. Silicone moulds are also very pliable, behaving similarly to rubber or jelly. Silicone moulds have non-stick properties, which makes removing products from the moulds easy.

Silicone Mould Designs

Silicone moulds come in many designs and the possibilities are endless. The moulds can be small, often coming in a tray form with repetitive designs and individual designs. Some detailed moulds include shapes of birds with their feathers detailed in or intricate patterns on snowflake designs. The non-stick and pliable properties of the silicone mould makes it easy to remove your creations from the mould, regardless of how intricate or delicate the design is.

Silicone Mould Uses

Due to their resistance to extreme temperatures and conditions, silicone moulds can be used for making many things. The most common uses for silicone moulds are for baking and decorating cakes and other pastries. Silicone moulds can also be used for making soap, candles and chocolates. If you are looking to create something different and interesting for a house party, you can use silicone molds to make ice blocks in a shape related to your house party theme.

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