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Silicone Rubber Cases, Covers and Skins for Galaxy S5

You take it everywhere you go; why wouldn't you want to protect it? A Galaxy S5 silicone case, cover, or skin might be the ideal way to shield your device. In addition, it's a smart way to add a little design or colour.

Why a Protective Covering

You spend a lot of money on getting the latest model mobile, so don't take a chance of it getting dented, cracked, or destroyed. A high-quality case gives you the freedom to go about your daily routine without fear of breaking your phone on the off chance you should happen to drop it.

Pattern or No Pattern

Some like to make a statement with a patterned silicon, gel, or rubber case or cover for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Bold designs with bright colours are ideal for some people, while other people consider a case to be a tool that protects the phone. For those, a plain silicone, gel, or rubber case, cover, or skin for the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be a better choice.

Difference in Case, Cover, and Skin

While shopping, you will see several different terms related to protecting your device. Mobile phone cases, covers, and skins are the three top words you see. Cases fully enclose the phone back, sides, and depending on the brand, the front. Covers pretty much mean any product that covers, protects, and fits your smartphone. Skins are more for decoration than protection. However, thanks to the flexibility of the silicone material, skins will absorb shock, making them better than not having anything on your phone at all.

Silicone or Rubber

Due to its strength, flexibility, and cost effectiveness, silicon is a preferable material for making phone cases, covers, and skins. Rubber is similar to silicone; it's durable, flexible, and cheap. What's more, silicone and rubber are comfortable to hold, conforming to the shape of your phone and the hand holding it.

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