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Silit Cookware

One of the most popular types of cookware imported from Germany, Silit cookware offers heat-resistant ceramic surfaces with a tough, steel core. Not only does this cook food evenly because it distributes heat evenly, it also offers you a choice of many colourful designs to help embellish your kitchen ensemble. Whether you need a complete set or just a few staples for your kitchen, there are many different types of Silit to choose from.

Ceramic Options

Most of the Silit product line is formed primarily from a ceramic construction, with a steel core on the inside. This allows you to cook to up to temperatures of 860 Celsius without fear of damaging your cookware, or having unhealthy toxins make their way into your food. Ceramic also gives you the option of many different colour choices, allowing you to mix and match your cookware pieces, or choose a set that’s all one colour.

Stainless-Steel Options

Silit does offer a few stainless-steel options within their repertoire. These sleek, elegant pans do not tarnish or wear, and are perfect for nearly every type of stovetop cooking surface. Many of the Silit stainless-steel pieces come as a set, which offers you everything from a Dutch oven to saucepans, to several frying pans. Most Silit cookware does come with included lids, to help trap heat inside and keep food fresh and moist.

Kitchen Staples

If your preference isn’t an entire set, but rather you need a few staples to make your kitchen perfectly stocked, there are a few items to keep in mind. You’ll need some saucepans and frying pans of several different sizes, to cook everything from eggs to large pork chops. Also, having a Dutch oven is a must. This allows you to make soups, stews, braising dishes and a whole plethora of meals. Sauciers and small saucepans are often very important too. Dutch ovens can sometimes be referred to as casserole dishes, often if the dish moves flawlessly from stovetop to oven.

Cookware Sets

If you’re just starting out or want to revamp your entire kitchen collection, then a Silit cookware set is a great idea. This way, you have all of the staples you need from the beginning, and you can add things to the collection as you go, such as a pressure cooker or rice pot. Look for sets that will adequately meet your needs - most kitchens require a few saucepans and frying pans on hand, as well as included and matching lids to help make multiple dishes and recipes.

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