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Silver String Lights

If you look at Pinterest and Instagram, you will see that most outdoor and indoor decor includes a little bit of mood lighting from string lights. Unlike large bulbs or lamps, string lights offer a softer glow and sets the mood for whimsical and fantastical feeling. This may be the reason why many people are opting to use them in events or as regular decor in gardens or bedrooms.

Silver Lights

Silver string lights similar to white string lights in that the wire is usually silver. However, when you choose silver, you will notice that the wire also sometimes sparkles as it reflects the lighting. Silver string lights come in different forms, such as wire string lights, bendable copper string lights and micro silver wire lights.

How They Work

Some string lights are battery operated, while some need to be plugged in. Others are solar powered and can automatically turn on when the sun goes down. Most of the bulbs are LED lights, allowing for more coverage with less energy consumption. There are also waterproof versions available for continuous outdoor use.

How To Attach

Silver string lights add warmth and glow on trees, if you are planning an outdoor event. Even if you are not, they will look great as garden decor for as long as you want. Indoors, you can place them on hooks or attach them using adhesives that do not damage paint. Most important of all, keep them away from flammable materials like cloth, curtains, gas lines and such.

Other Types of String Lights

Silver string lights complement all other colours of string lights. Since many are available in different colours, you may want to accentuate them with silver string lights. If you want a more colourful design, you can always choose multi-coloured string lights to go with your lovely silver string lights.

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