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Simpson Dryers

Simpson Dryers

Simpson is a manufacturer of home appliances and is known for reliable, efficient and durable products. Simpson dryers differ in capacity, depth, height and width. Water star ratings and energy star ratings also vary by product.


Dryers come in three types: condenser dryers, heat pump activated dryers and vented dryers. Simpson dryers are mostly vented dryers, with front or rear venting. Vented dryers are typically more affordable, are lightweight enough to mount on a wall and are effective. They are best in a laundry with an exhaust fan or window. Condenser dryers extract moisture and drain it away as condensed water; they don’t steam up the laundry quite as much, but are too heavy to be wall mounted. Heat pump activated dryers use less energy than other dryers and don’t need to vent moisture outside, but they’re much more expensive.


Simpson dryers feature reverse tumbling action. This alternates tumbling between clockwise and counterclockwise to reduce tangling and also means that clothes dry more evenly. Another feature is a delicates setting that gently dries delicate items. At the end of the drying cycle, an auto cool down feature sets in to reduce the creasing of clothes. Simpson dryers also have timed drying, front and rear venting options, rotary dials and easy to clean filters.


Most Simpson dryers have a simple white design that matches Simpson’s washing machines. They have large see-through front doors that make it easy to put items in and take them out, while also allowing you to see into the dryer when the door is closed. Some Simpson dryers can be wall mounted.


Simpson dryers come in a variety of capacities to match consumer needs. Capacity ranges from 4kg Simpson dryers to 10kg, though 4kg and are generally the most common and will meet most households’ needs. A 5kg Simpson dryer or smaller is generally suited to 1–2 people, a 5–7kg dryer is suited to 3–4 people, and dryers larger than 7kg are suitable for over 4 people.

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