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Single Phase Stationary Industrial Diesel Generators

One of the best ways to get power independent of the mains is with a diesel generator. Industrial diesel generators aim to handle heavy workloads, running at constant speeds for long periods of time. Stationary industrial diesel generators are usually the best choice for permanent installations as they can be larger and more powerful than portable generators.

What Does "Single Phase" Mean?

Single-phase electricity is what you get from the mains and is the most common form of alternating current. It's marked by a couple of specific features:

  • Wires: Where three-phase electric current requires three hot wires and one neutral, single-phase current only needs two wires: one hot wire and one neutral wire.
  • Frequency: While three-phase current is continuous, single-phase current comes in pulses at 50 cycles per second as the current reverses.

Using a Generator

A single-phase generator is your best choice when you are looking for a power generator to cover your office equipment and business machines. A three-phase stationary industrial generator is a good choice for certain specialty motors, but for most uses a single-phase generator is fine.

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