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Sisal Floor Rugs

Sisal floor rugs are durable, environmentally friendly and often inexpensive, making them a great option for many homes. They can also be made in a wide variety of sizes and colours, so there is sure to be one that suits your living space.

Sisal Fabric

Sisal is a natural fibre made from the leaves of the sisal plant, agave sisilana. The plant is native to Mexico and Central America, but has been introduced to Brazil, East Africa and Indonesia. The plants are easy to grow and the fibre is naturally durable, and so sisal has found a wide range of uses. Recently, it has come back into wider use as it is a biodegradable material, making it more environmentally friendly to use than its synthetic competitors.

Sisal Rugs

Sisal isn’t just for making rope. It is also a popular material for making flatwoven floor rugs, alongside other natural fibres like jute. Sisal rugs are especially durable, so they are perfect for areas where people will be walking around a lot. They are naturally a light brown colour, but can easily be dyed into a variety of different shades. Undyed, their neutral colours mean that they go with almost anything. However, sisal rugs should not be used outdoors as their biodegradable fibres may break down if they get wet. They can also become slightly slippery over time and should therefore not be used for stair runners.

Other Natural Fibres

Sisal is not the only natural plant fibre to have won a place on fashionable floors. Jute, the same material used to make burlap sacks, is also a popular choice for indoor rugs. Jute is softer than sisal, and flatwoven jute rugs tend to have larger knots and a more open texture. Seagrass is another similar fabric with many of the same properties as sisal. Although they still shouldn’t be used outdoors, seagrass handles moisture better than sisal and resists stains more easily.

Beyond Plant Fibres

Plant fibres like sisal are not the only natural choices for covering your floors. Wool shag rugs instantly make any room cosier and are available in almost any colour that you can think of. Wool can also be used to make less fluffy rugs that are easier to clean. It is also often used alongside plant fibres to make blended rugs that combine the toughness of sisal with the softness of wool for the best of both worlds.

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