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Size XL Dog Kennels

Dog kennels give your dog a space of its own where it can feel safe and relaxed. They are also very useful for confining a dog when it might be unsafe or inconvenient to let it roam. Like dogs, dog kennels come in different sizes.

Who Needs a Size XL Dog Kennel?

  • Sizing schemes vary by manufacturer, but XL kennels tend to be for large dogs like German Shepherds and Bloodhounds. Giant dogs like the Great Dane usually need an even bigger living space.
  • Your dog's kennel should be big enough for your dog to fit comfortably. You don't want to try and stuff a big dog into a little crate. On the other hand, an oversized kennel takes up a lot of space and the dog can actually feel less safe inside it.
  • Before picking a dog kennel, measure your dog. It should be able to stretch out, sit up straight and turn itself around inside the kennel. Aim for a kennel that is at least five to ten centimetres taller than the sitting dog.
  • Different manufacturers use different sizing standards for their kennels, so make sure to check the measurements to get the right fit for your dog.

Do I Need a Dog Kennel or Dog Crate?

Kennels and crates are both popular options for dog owners. They both provide a place for the dog to sleep and a way to confine it if necessary, but there are a few important differences.

  • Kennels are usually intended for outdoor use and are not designed to be moved around. Kennels are often used as part of an outdoor dog run.
  • XL Dog crates are usually made from plastic or metal wire and designed to be used indoors. Metal wire dog crates are more durable than plastic, so they are a good choice for larger dogs, but plastic is lighter and easier to move around. Some crates are made from more solid metal, making them even stronger but also heavier.
  • Dog crates are also often designed to be more portable than kennels. If you want to take your faithful hound on the road with you, you'll need a crate. If you plan to fly with your dog, make sure that the crate meets the airline's requirements.
  • Some pet crates are collapsible. Folding dog cages and crates are easier to store when they aren't being used. Some collapsible dog crates are soft-sided designs made from fabric, making them even lighter and well-ventilated, although these are usually used for smaller dogs.
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