Electric Skateboard

Similar to an electric bicycle or electric scooter, the electric skateboard is a modified board propelled by an electric motor. It's steered by the rider shifting their weight, and it was originally designed for local transport, but now offers the thrill seeker a more serious buzz. Off road electric skateboards are able to navigate grass, gravel, dirt, and firm sand. Also known as a motor skateboard, the electric skateboard has opened a whole new field to the world of skateboarding.

What to look for when buying an electric skateboard

The first thing to consider is the range of the board, and your typically use. Is it just for carving up the beach at low tide? Commuting to and from school or work? Wherever you intend to use your electric skateboard, you'll need to ensure you can get there and back without worrying about the kilometres you're travelling. Consider the weight of the electric skateboard. If you run out juice, are you going to be able to kick it home? Always make sure the wheels and trucks are suitable for the purpose you want, that they're high quality and durable. If the performance is important to you, definitely go for a higher quality truck and wheel. Make sure that the weight capacity of the board will hold you, your bag, and any other items you regularly carry. Make sure the motor has enough power to run well. Some electric skateboards come with one motor, others come with two. An electric skateboard may be made of high quality, durable plastic, or it may be bamboo. Bamboo has more flexibility, which makes it less prone to breaking from knocks and bumps. Ensure that the motor control is easy and convenient. This may be via remote control, bluetooth, or other methods. Whatever features you need in an electric skateboard, you're sure to find something awesome to carve up right here on eBay.