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Skew Toilets

Economical and environmentally conscious, skew toilets require little plumbing, and instead use a pan to help trap waste. Depending on the setup, most skew toilets still flush, but are connected to a waste system, such as in a caravan or camper. There are several different types of skew toilets, meant for different functions, and there is sure to be one that fits your particular travel, home or plumbing needs.

Right Skewed

Most types of skewed toilets can either be right- or left-skewed. For a right skewed toilet, this means that the drain or drip pan is on the right side. The skew does not necessarily refer to the handle or flushing mechanism, which could be on the left, right or a push button on top of the toilet. The direction of the skew refers to the drip pan only.

Left Skewed

Just like a right skewed toilet, a left skewed toilet has the drip or waste pan on the left side. Most toilet models have the ability to be skewed either way, but do take caution, as some toilets are already designed to be preferentially right or left, and this is something you can't change after purchase. Take a good look as to where you'll be installing the toilet prior to purchase.

Types of Seats

There are several types of seatsandsuites, when it comes to skew toilet. Most times, skew toilets have a couple suite or a full ceramic suite. As far as the seat itself goes, look for options such as full closure seats that lock securely into place, or skew toilets with no seat, which are harder to find. The closed-coupled suite refers to the fact that the toilet seat, bowl and tank all come as one unit, and are not separate.

Brand Options

There are several different types of brands when it comes to skew toilets. Look for Caroma toilets to manufacture a few skew toilet models, as well as other brands like Renovation D. Skew toilets are ideal for caravans, camping or very small spaces, such as stand-up showers, where there is very little room to place other bathroom fixtures.

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